“We are here to generate the most profit to our clients from their data.”

Business Intelligence

While data analytics means going deep into the information and numbers (what requires expertise), the clear power of analytics is when you give the data to the hands of the decision makers.
BI is a ‘decision science’ - it should have a purpose which comes from the clients and need to support their goals.
We have the Team who both understand the business well and have appropriate knowledge of how to use data and tools to support analytics-infused decisions and helping clients build competitive advantage.

We’re changing business analytics by simplifying complex data preparation, analysis and visualization, creating effective reports and dashboards — giving the power to businesses without the need for expensive IT investments.
With our variety of Business Intelligence solutions, we can provide you the deep understanding of your business, improve productivity.

"The business intelligence and analytics platform market's shift from IT-led reporting to modern business-led analytics is now mainstream. Data and analytics leaders face countless choices: from traditional BI vendors that have closed feature gaps and innovated, to disruptors continuing to execute."


According to their BI Magic Quadrant we’re working with the leaders of BI segment.

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Visual Data Analytics

The availability of rapid, self-service visual analytics tools helped to define the data movement within Business Intelligence. From casual media consumption to corporate financial reporting, the move from spreadsheets and static reports to customized dashboards and interactive presentations has empowered all of us to make informed decisions like never before.

We can help you with:

Data modelling

Creating custom calculations

Creating dashboards, reports

Data preparation - ETL

For effective data analysis the data have to be in the right shape and form. This is the basis of every BI solution.

We can help you with:

Data Discovery

Data transformations


Data Quality Assessment

Business Consulting

If you’re not sure where to start or what to do, we can guide you through the processes of understanding, navigating, interacting and creating content.

We can help you with:

Identifying your data analysis needs and how it can help reach your business goal.

Selecting the BI Tool which best fits to the company and the solution you are looking for

Choose the right product to develop your decision-making process

Self-service BI solutions

Successful KPI dashboards effortlessly deliver insights that are intuitive, informative, innovative and actionable, requiring the least number of clicks. Also they have to be answer not just the questions asked when the solution was made, but all the questions that could come up later.

We can help you with:

Creating self-service BI platform

Creating solutions that support easy and effective insight generation and collaboration

Guided tours to help you visualize data, then create dashboards and reports

Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics

Seeing the data is the first step. Understanding what influences the outcomes and what conclusion could be drawn for the future can create the opportunity for change. This way an organization can achieve their goals more safely.

We can help you with:

Correlation, Clustering, Trend analysis, Geospatial analysis

Regression, Classification, Recommender systems, Anomaly detection


Full stack BI Development

Consist the most complete product offering. It can contain/responsible for:


Infrastructure Creation

Data Discovery


Data Modelling



Custom Developments



Data Quality Assessment

No BI solution can provide meaningful insight if the data what it is based on is flawed.
We need to make sure that the numbers and KPI show the correct results so the business decisions made are correct.

Assess current state of data quality

Provide in-depth analysis on most frequent DQ issues and possible solutions

Quick Analysis

The main purpose is to provide one-time data analysis to support a business decision or to generate a constantly refreshable dashboard for one business need.

It is provided solution will be refreshable but is not supported to tune if the underlining data source changes.


1 time 5-day analysis

1-year contract with 2 days a month analysis

Data Enrichment

Provide additional data for the customer to help create more in-depth data analysis.
There data can be:

Weather data

Demographical information

Macro economical information

Location information


Industry information

Company data base

Social data

Prebuild BI Solutions

Oracle EBS HR

Oracle EBS GL

Oracle EBS AP

Oracle EBS AR

Oracle EBS Sales

Oracle EBS Management Overview

Liferay Web traffic

Liferay Visitors

Liferay Service health

Salesforce Sales

Salesforce Marketing

Salesforce Customer support

Google Analytics Web traffic, Campaign management

Tableau Microsoft Oracle

Job Functions

Businesses today need BI tools to measure their industry-specific metrics and KPIs, and provide on-time, ask-any-question data analysis for BI professionals, department heads, high-level executives and any business user to make the best decisions possible.


Monitor pricing, analyze orders and supply chain statistics, improve procurement processes, optimize stocks quantities, reduce storage costs and prevents sale loss due to unavailable stocks.


Improve financial information availability, create better information consolidation, minimize risks, prevent mistakes, reduce costs and save time.


Increase revenues and reduces surplus stocks costs, improve efficiency and quickly identify declining customers, activity and reduce attrition rates.


Improve targeting. Increase brand awareness, increase customer loyalty.


Make employee management more efficient. Manage benefits. Decrease turnover.


Provide access to information and help mangers take timely and accurate decisions.


Financial Services - Today, banks have that rare opportunity to reinvent themselves again—with data and analytics. Banking industry generates a huge volume of data on a day to day basis. To differentiate itself from the competition, banks are increasingly adopting big data analytics as part of their core strategy. Analytics will be the critical game changer for the banks. Data analytics significantly improves financial information availability, creates better information consolidation, minimizes risks, prevents mistakes, reduces costs and saves time

e-Commerce - The primary job of E-Commerce industry is to make user experience on their website is delightful. They are a platform between sellers and buyers where analytics itself becomes a product instead of just being business enabler.
E-Commerce analysis need to predict consumer behavior, enhance customer experience, track how is product searched across portfolio, what decides the rank ordering of products for a particular search, what is the best landing page of a customer coming from Facebook etc.


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